7 novembre 2010

"Playlist" dimanche 7 novembre

1) Artiste: Massimo Ruberti
Album: Autour de la Lune
Plage: Gas
Distributeur: Elpamusic
Télécharger: http://elpamusic.blogspot.com/2010/11/elpa57-massimo-ruberti-autour-de-la.html

2) Artiste: XTRNGR
Album: Circles EP
Plage: New Room
Distributeur: Subwise
Télécharger: http://subwise.net/sbws066.html

3) Artiste: Kupa
Album: Bit Pairat
Plage: Perdido
Distributeur: Vira Records
Télécharger: http://www.vira-records.com/?p=424

4) Artiste: Sinestesia
Album: VA - Downtempest Hits
Plage: Outness (Part II)
Distributeur: Mixgalaxy Records
Télécharger: http://mixgalaxyrecords.com/releases/mixgbest01/

21h30 à 22h

5) Artiste: pous
Album: before they started recording
Plage: burden of moab
Distributeur: NOECHO Records
Télécharger: http://www.noechorecords.com/www/releases/pous-before-they-started-recording

6) Artiste: B.R.O.
Album: Analog People In A Digital World
Plage: Record Head
Distributeur: NOECHO Records
Télécharger: http://www.noechorecords.com/www/releases/bro-analog-people-in-a-digital-world

7) Artiste: Sybarites
Album: Dlinniy Put' (Длинный Путь)
Plage: Try minuty (Три минуты)
Distributeur: Clinical Archives
Télécharger: http://clinicalarchives.blogspot.com/2010/05/ca376-sybarites-dlinniy-put.html

8) Artiste: Batfinks
Album: Stema Tarnyt
Plage: Mrs Butels inn
Distributeur: Proot Records
Télécharger: http://prootrecords.free.fr/index.php?post%2FPRT010

2 commentaires:

Alexander Chereshnev a dit...

Thanks for support, Simon!

I could hear you said a few words about that 'feedback' discussion we had recently :D

Simon Roy a dit...

You're right, I was talking about the discussion about feedback on your website. Thanks for listening and for the feedback !