6 mars 2011

"Playlist" dimanche 6 mars

1) Artiste: Swamp Sex Robots
Album: Yes Wave
Plage: Panic Attack
Distributeur: Swamp Sex Robots
Télécharger: http://www.archive.org/details/SwampSexRobotsYesWave

2) Artiste: Microwave With Marge
Album: s/t (ep)
Plage: Mary Was Hermaphrodite
Distributeur: Hysm?
Télécharger: http://www.archive.org/details/MicrowaveWithMarge-Stephysmoo5

3) Artiste: El Cid
Album: We Believe In Alchemy
Plage: It Must Be Nice Having A Father V2.0
Télécharger: http://www.archive.org/details/ElCid-WeBelieveInAlchemy

4) Artiste: Prison Dance School
Plage: Professor Zorder
Distributeur: Prison Dance School
Télécharger: http://soundcloud.com/prison-dance-school/professor-zorder

5) Artiste: The Hype
Album: Leave it all behind
Plage: Panic
Distributeur: The Hype
Télécharger: http://soundcloud.com/moveyourbodymusic/01-panic

6) Artiste: The Unsacred Hearts
Album: In Defense Of Fort Useless
Plage: Somewhere Deep in NYC
Distributeur: Serious Business Records
Télécharger: http://soundcloud.com/seriousbusiness/sets/the-unsacred-hearts-in-defense-of-fort-useless/

7) Artiste: Musket
Album: Musket EP
Plage: Just Say
Distributeur: Musket
Télécharger: http://musket.bandcamp.com/album/musket-ep

21h30 à 22h

8) Artiste: Yaputhma Sound System
Album: Colocolada [Lo-Fi Collection Of Outtakes And Oddities]
Plage: Thru The Space (Minimal)
Distributeur: Yaputhma Sound System
Télécharger: http://www.archive.org/details/YaputhmaSoundSystem-Colocolada

9) Artiste: The Upstairs
Album: Megamix Militia Vol. 2: A Tribute To Various Artists
Plage: Kampuang Nan Jauh Dimato
Distributeur: Yes No Wave Music
Télécharger: http://yesnowave.com/?p=846

10) Artiste: Noia
Album: Noia
Plage: Spastic
Distributeur: L'Oeil du Tigre

11) Artiste: Noia
Album: Noia
Plage: MaPaCHe
Distributeur: L'Oeil du Tigre

12) Artiste: You Say Party! We Say Die!
Album: Lose All Time
Plage: Opportunity
Distributeur: Paper Bags Records

13) Artiste: Land of Talk
Album: Applause Cheer Boo Hiss
Plage: Magnetic Hill
Distributeur: MapleMusic