20 juin 2010

"Playlist" dimanche 20 juin

1) Artiste: kaneel
Album: Here is a heart so you can remember how much I hate you
Plage: La petite aiguille
Distributeur: Petite&Jolie
Télécharger: http://www.archive.org/details/petitejolie009

2) Artiste: Noisewaves
Album: Noisewaves
Plage: Someone Unique
Distributeur: Pterodactyl Squad
Télécharger: http://www.ptesquad.com/more/pte025.html

3) Artiste: Disasterpeace
Album: Neutralite
Plage: Neutral Morning
Distributeur: Pause Music
Télécharger: http://www.iimusic.net/catalog/2007/08/neutralite

4) Artiste: The Twombley Spiders
Album: And the Reused Folkway Whisper
Plage: The Sun Setting On LaGuardia (The Pandas w/ DJ Siddharthveda remix)
Distributeur: No Type
Télécharger: http://www.notype.com/drones/cat.e/nt_201/

5) Artiste: Ornament
Album: Here's to Your History EP
Plage: Here's to Your History
Télécharger: http://www.archive.org/details/Ornament-HeresToYourHistory-Ep-2009

6) Artiste: Ursula
Album: Sunbird Steal My Distant Eyes
Plage: Sailor
Distributeur: Pulsations For You
Télécharger: http://www.pulsations-for-you.ru/puls10.html

7) Artiste: Bacanal Intruder
Album: Modem
Plage: Peladilla
Distributeur: Zymogen
Télécharger: http://www.zymogen.net/releases/zym006/

21h30 à 22h

8) Artiste: Mo Town Junkie
Album: The Worst of Jetson and Junkie
Plage: Flame Tongue
Distributeur: Phonotactics
Télécharger: http://www.phonotactics.info/?p=366

9) Artiste: Morphamish
Album: The Urge Mode E.P.
Plage: Face The Darkness
Distributeur: Black Lantern Music
Télécharger: http://www.blacklanternmusic.com/oneep.php?subid=15

10) Artiste: mr&mrsBrian
Album: so not polite
Plage: humiliating the distorted
Distributeur: Headphonica
Télécharger: http://www.headphonica.com/?p=119

11) Artiste: dadive
Album: red sans bulles ep
Plage: Punition
Distributeur: Schaermoments
Télécharger: http://www.schaermoments.com/releases/release5.html

12) Artiste: Nahuatl Sound System
Album: La Resistencia
Plage: Dubandeando [Feat. La Colexina]
Distributeur: Nahuatl Sound System
Télécharger: http://nahuatlsoundsystem.com/album/la-resistencia

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit...

thanks for support
cheers from portugal

ed from Phonotactics

Simon Roy a dit...

Hey ed,

It's always a pleasure to broadcast the material from Phonotactics, it's always good quality and original.

Thanks for all the hard work and the good music !